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Termite Inspections

We will do a full inspection on your property to determine what and where the problems are and what plan of action we need to undertake. This is a full documented service and we cater for all your needs

Fly and Flea Treatments

Flies and Fleas are a huge problem in Australia and we have one of the highest rates of fly problems. Warm weather brings organic decay and therefore more fly problems where as in the Flea market there are higher breeding areas with warmer weather such as here in Queensland so fleas tend to breed more profusely.

Cockroach and Spiders

Spiders are extremely dangerous and Australia has some of the deadliest spiders here. When we do a spider treatment we also more often than not are able to control cockroaches as well due to the nature of hat we are spraying. Get in touch now to have your home treated


Rodents are a huge problem in many households and commercial properties and keeping them controlled is a very simple process that requires simple baiting and trapping techniques. Let us monitor the rodents in your property and keep your home or commercial store rodent free

Ant Treatments

Ants are a major problem because of the places they get to. They are often more prevalent outside and we have a great service and product to keep your home and kitchens free of wandering ants. Call us for a quote or let us inspect your home or property and see how we can help you

Snake removal

Australia have some of the most dangerous snakes on earth and some of the most deadly. When you suspect you have a snake problem please dont hesitate to call us and keep your family and children safe from any bits. Snakes will bite on approach if cornered and they must be kept away from at all times and contacting us is your best option.

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